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November 2021



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Chapcrack and CloudCracker

Some of the biggest news that came out of DEFCON 20 was coverage of Moxie Marlinspike’s latest evisceration of MS-CHAPv2. There are papers dating back to 1999 describing weaknesses in MS-CHAPv2, Microsoft’s “updated” version of their original challenge/response system for authentication. The scheme’s weakness described briefly: a Server sends a Client a 16 byte challenge, […]

Hunting the Chimera

Whatever side you’re on, an undeniable effect of the ongoing debate over the reality of cyberwarfare is the infiltration of the term “cyberwar” into our vernacular. We have all gradually come to accept “cyber” as the fifth present or potential domain of warfare after land, sea, air, and space. We are becoming increasingly aware of […]

National Breach Notification Laws

As a follow-up to a post from February 2009, I’m mostly happy to comment on the recent progress that’s been made toward the establishment of National breach notification laws. As reported on November 5, 2009 by, “the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday approved two companion bills that would require businesses and government agencies to notify […]

Fooled by Information Asymmetry

On July 24, 2009 Trina Thompson sued her alma mater, Monroe College for the full cost of her tuition after graduating with a bachelor of business administration degree in information technology. Why? Because she couldn’t find a job. Before sympathizing with Thompson’s claim that “they [the counselors] have not tried hard enough to help me”, […]

Forensic Soundness

While Solera Networks’ technology is commonly used in network forensic examinations for the purposes of incident review and response, we are also often asked if our platform can produce “court admissible” evidence. Before this can be addressed, a distinction must first be made between the two main classes of electronic information currently recognized by courts: […]

The Risk of Productivity

Last month’s RSA and Interop shows really demonstrated our industry’s penchant for the (sometimes seemingly incognizant and exploitative) overuse of the word “risk”. Being so beaten over the head with the word serves as a reminder that the measurement of risk isn’t easy. First, it’s strongly affected by situational context. A dignitary on a turbulent […]

2008 Predictions

Strange ritual this is… 1) Virtualization security will hybridize – As the virtualization juggernaut marches on, the question “what do we do about virtualization security?” is heard with increasing frequency. In many ways, virtualization security is no different from physical security: best practices still apply, and at some point, the data that we endeavor to […]