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September 2021



Archive for 'Content Mgmt'

The Lobby is Strong with this One

Imagine a botanicals company inventing a variety of eggplants whose seeds which, when roasted and eaten, are not only tasty, but could also produce all of the desirable psychological and physiological effects experienced by smoking its nightshade sibling, tobacco. Imagine also that after years of FDA testing, it’s found to have none of tobacco’s undesirable […]

Ad Revenue Bubble

Madison Avenue used to mean something. Advertising once had a kind of exclusivity. A cold-blooded adaptation of Freudian psychology by Bernays and other demagogues for the purpose of controlling the uncontrollable. It had unique social, economic, and political value. The machines of advertising, along with its henchmen, marketing, PR, and consumerism, were long alone in […]

Sanctioning Services

(The following was prepared in response to a recent invitation to describe “two dangerous but common security mistakes companies make”) Rather than looking at this in terms of mistakes, I’d rather take this as a chance to describe two simple things network administrators can do to have an immediate positive impact on data security: 1) […]

Content Filtering vs. Censorship

Google Alerts is a very handy tool. It allows you to specify a search term, and if the all-seeing Google eye encounters that term in the web, newsgroups, news items, or blogs it will send a scheduled alert to a defined email address. Like many at SonicWALL, I have a comprehensive alert set for the […]

Search engines the new security vendors?

NewScientist has a good article on the evolution of Botnet infestations, reinforcing the need for Web Application Firewalls to protect against injection attacks. Seeing a publication like NewScientist providing coverage to this topic suggests an expanded set of minds offering consideration to this problem. The research paper cited in the article was produced by Google […]

Echo Mirage

This is more fun that it ought to be: Echo Mirage is a generic network proxy tool that can wrap an application and intercept and modify its network traffic, including traffic encrypted by native Windows or OpenSSL functions. Unfortunately, it can not handle other/proprietary types of encryption, such as that used by Skype. The intercept […]

Evolution of Search

The ad company Google (previously a search company) just announced their Q4 2006 results, and they were spectacular and astronomical. So while click-fraud/house-of-card-theorists wait patiently for a second coming of Woodward-and-Bernstein-style investigative reporting, have a look at some innovative efforts that are advancing search technologies: Quintura and Kartoo (Visual search) Powerset (Natural language search. Huge […]

A Proposal for Distributed Network Event Detection and Replay

Just something I was thinking about before the holiday break. Consider this a request for comments.