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September 2021



Archive for 'Exploit'

Negative Day Threat Detection

Announcements of exploitable OS and application vulnerabilities are so commonplace that we’re perhaps even more inured to them than we are to a perpetually ‘Elevated’ Homeland Security threat level. While the severity of the first threat is far outweighed by that of the second, the former is far more likely to be attempted or exercised, […]

Where’d that firmware come from?

The word “hacker” is very frequently misused, insomuch as jargon can be misused. But who would dare argue with an RFC? This venerable 15 year old document incontrovertibly defines a hacker as “a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular.  The […]

Tough Love

Techno-eschatologists rejoice! The first sign that the end of days is nigh has come to pass. Lo, we have suffered what the professional fomentor convocation has declared the first significant hypervisor-level virtual machine security exploit: A VMWare Shared Folders Directory Traversal Vulnerability. And with that they reveal that contrived validation is no less sweet than […]

Syndicated Malware

It’s virtually impossible to browse to a web-page these days without embedded advertising. Most of this sort of content gets included through the use of javascript retrieved from the ad syndicator’s network (such as Google’s show_ads.js or Yahoo’s ypn.js). Similarly, most web-sites also employ some form of analytics, where the tracking is often achieved in […]

Intellectual Weapons

Well, this is one way to make IT vendors more accountable for bugs in their products. This is more or less vigilantism, but at least it provides an less injurious alternative to vulnerability-discoverers selling their discoveries on the black-market. I don’t know if this will fly (the word extortion comes to mind) but if does […]

Stripping HTML from Email

Federal Computer Week is reporting that the DoD is now blocking HTML email (actually, converting it to plain-text) and also disallowing the use of OWA. What about enabling EmailSecurity to define an “HTML Content” filter and providing plug-in to perform a “Strip HTML” action? Rather than fully removing the html partition, or trying to clean-up/process […]