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September 2007
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Archive for September, 2007

Sanctioning Services

(The following was prepared in response to a recent invitation to describe “two dangerous but common security mistakes companies make”) Rather than looking at this in terms of mistakes, I’d rather take this as a chance to describe two simple things network administrators can do to have an immediate positive impact on data security: 1) […]

The modulating value of Common Criteria

Whether this claim that Maxtor shipped drives with a pre-installed virus turns out to be true or not, this is precisely the sort of event that makes Common Criteria a valuable security certification. Disparagers of CC would argue that you could probably get chocolate cookies EAL-4 certified if you spent enough time and money, but […]

Thought Leadership

Reading through the October issue of Wired magazine, I came across a thick ad insert printed on green paper with enough tactile pulpiness that it didn’t need the “created using 35% postconsumer waste. utilizing 100% hydroelectricity, eliminating 100,000 pounds of greenhouse gases… the soy in used in printing is naturally low in volatile organic compounds” […]

65,000 Hippies Trump AT&T

Like most every other Monday morning, I’m on a plane. Different from most flights is this week’s assortment of passengers. Rather than 68 Blackberry-wielding folks dressed in business casual attire heading into Silicon Valley, many of the passengers on this flight have green or pink hair, tattoos, dreadlocks, and a clever logo’d t-shirt from this […]

Content Filtering vs. Censorship

Google Alerts is a very handy tool. It allows you to specify a search term, and if the all-seeing Google eye encounters that term in the web, newsgroups, news items, or blogs it will send a scheduled alert to a defined email address. Like many at SonicWALL, I have a comprehensive alert set for the […]